Happy Valentines Day and the month of love!  Love for self, for others, for friendship, for companionship, family; whatever that is for you!

For me, I find that my blogs have to write themselves.  I’ve sat down to write this blog no less than five times in two weeks.  What is interesting about this is that none of the ideas were bad, it’s just that they were not alright!  Well, that’s judgy, but that’s not what I meant.  Each idea that I wrote about was a part of the whole. 

When I speak of Valentine’s Day, I speak of love and love to me always begins within you.  I have noticed how so many of the channels from the Goddess are about Love.  I can’t count the number of times that she has told us over the years about how love is the foundation for everything in our lives.  It is the foundation for living. It is the foundation for how we look at ourselves and the world. It is the foundation for our growth….. in essence everything!

She then also spoke about part of the life experience right now is the reflection of the lack of love.  If you look at what so much of the media is focused upon, you see control, manipulation, anger, selfishness, rigid thinking, a lack of respect for one another; I could go on and on.  It is true that this is the experience that many people have. 

I remember being told probably 10 years ago that people learn in many, many different ways and that a part of the earthly experience is the multiple ways for people to learn.  Every experience that you have in life is an opportunity to learn.  Some of this you learn through lack.  If there is a lack in your life; lack of money, lack of work, lack of a place to live, lack of friendship you view the world a place that is insecure and harsh.

If you are in a situation where your life is out of control and you feel as if you are barely keeping your head above water; you are learning through a lack of boundaries.  This is really key in a life with social media.  When you have a society that is constantly posting about this experience or that on the one hand, it can be very transparent.  However, how often have you seen a video and thought ‘just go help the person, don’t video!!’. 

If your life is empty, you don’t feel emotionally connected to yourself or anyone else; you are learning through separation. Many times, this may occur in someone’s life, but then they move on. However, I do think that when you have the media who are constantly showing things as correct – whether they are or not – people become immune to life and happenings.

Perhaps you are learning through violence.  If this is your reality it can cause you to live in fear, doubt, hopelessness and more.  To you, the world is harsh and cruel leading you not to trust your own self or others.

We as our soul are massive!! We exist in very high dimensions experiencing many, many different lifetimes both here on earth and out within the universe.  Your soul is the anchor for who you are and becomes the receptacle for these multitudes of experiences.

You then come into this life, living your many, many experiences all creating another aspect of who you are as your divinity. In many cases, when you align with your divinity on the soul plane, you can see where your soul has already experienced all of these methods of learning.  Is there something you missed?  Is there something you need to experience again?

Your soul is infinite.  Your soul is everlasting love and compassion.  Your soul is home.  When you were then born into this life and your ego was created.  You as the human are wayyyy more than your ego.  You are the blend of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, experiences and your soul.  As you consider your life there may be times when one aspect of you or another is out of balance.

This leads to my next thought.  People get caught up in definitions.  These definitions frequently are created as a means to understand who we are.  We sometimes will attempt to categorize ourselves as the son, daughter, husband, wife, nurse, laborer, or perhaps an advocate for whatever your cause may be.  When you do this, you can go down a pathway that becomes limited because you begin to think you are ONLY that part upon which you focus.

As we are here in this time of love upon the earth, I’d ask you a few questions.

  • How are you learning the lessons in this life? Is this through lack, suffering, pain or anguish?  Or is it through love, compassion, potential and joy?
  • Does your life have to even be about lessons? Can life be about living in the moment and experience all that life has for you?
  • What does balance mean to you? Are you balancing your life experiences? Are you balancing your ego? Are you allowing your soul in a conscious manner?

You and your experiences become the filter for life.  If you see your life as hard, harsh and painful you cannot help but see the world through those eyes, expecting the worst.  If you are so caught up in something that you cannot see beyond the moment you frequently are cutting yourself off from the very support that you seek to have.

The amazing thing about love; it transcends everything!! Love is not about fitting a mold. Love is a state of being.  When you allow love into your life, you see the world differently.  Love is simply a higher vibration than all the other emotions discussed in this blog.  Therefore, when you allow love into your life you need not control or make things happen; you need only open to the flow and allow for life to unfold.