When the Goddess asks me to write about consciousness or she channels about it such as this evening, it becomes something that is filled with layer upon layer of information. This is a topic for more than just this blog, but to keep it in perspective this is how she defined it for this evening.

We all have our consciousness of which we are aware. This would include our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, ego, experiences, physical reality.  Most people are pretty comfortable this idea.  We then have our un-conscious; the parts of our reality of which we are unaware. 

We as our soul have lived many, many lifetimes and these previous lifetimes can have an influence on our unconscious thoughts or beliefs.  They can be programmed into your DNA or it can create an overlay when you are born.  During this channel, we go into the All That is and reprogram those previous experiences.  We also bought in the crystalline energies to rebalance everything in the higher vibration.

This is an opportunity for you to consciously choose how to live your life.  You can change the past and the future potentials.  I invite you to open to this powerful transformation in your life.