This is always an interesting conversation.  I’ve worked with many, many people over the years and I never know what will happen when we reach out to those who have crossed over. I always use this phrase because no one ever dies, they simply move from one reality to another.   I think this is really an important part of the work that I do because talking with those who have crossed over gives one the opportunity to know that their loved one is still alive.  In most cases, they are able to convey messages to people that bring peace and greater understanding.

One of the first things that amazed me when I connect with those who have crossed over is how much they are still like the person they were in life.  I can frequently see them dressed the way they used to dress and talking in much the same way they did meaning with the tone of voice, phrases of words or nuance. 

Here is the structure I use when setting up. My group of angels and star beings creates a space where they are talking through me to the person requesting the information.  We send an impulse through the space where people live.  Some might call this heaven. Some might call it a dimension.  Some might it a place of transition.  I can see how all of those descriptions make sense.  We send the impulse, then wait for them to come back to us.  Now, when someone says they want a channel and to speak with someone, they have already sent the call out to that person so they frequently are waiting for us.  

I have a sense of them coming up to me and talking to me.  Sometimes it is as if they are sitting, sometimes walking around, sometimes standing, sometimes I just feel a presence or energy rather than picking up on the whole person. The first time I talk with them, we are creating a bridge or alignment with each other so I see/ hear them talking but it may take a few minutes for me to interpret.  Once the alignment is open and clear, they frequently will merge with me and speak with their loved one more directly. 

Sometimes the person I’m speaking with is a different vibration than me.  Well, they always are, but sometimes it is very noticeable.  More than once I have seen people talking through me and having a conversation.  Then it’s as if they abruptly fell off. This is when they can no longer maintain my vibration.  In fact, it was as if one person was bent over, with their hands on their knees, trying to catch a breath! 

There are other times when the person we seek is in a healing pod.  It literally looks like a pod and the person is inside so that they may heal from life upon earth.  Usually, this is someone who had a chronic ailment, depression, perhaps an emotional issue. They are always accompanied by an angel or two who sit guarding them.  The angels do not influence the person; they only observe and send love.   I still remember someone wanting me to seek out her brother.  We did so and I found him in a healing pod.  It seemed as if he was just there.  She told me he had died of AIDS in the ’80s!  This was probably 2005.  He had deep issues around being gay and then contracting the disease. People stay in the healing place as long as they need to.  Plus, time/ space reality is nonexistent in this place.  

The day of this live stream was the eve of Halloween.  Halloween is celebrated in the USA as a day when kids dress up and go door to door trick or treating which is gathering candy!!  Throughout history, this was a time when the veil was very thin and people could see or feel their loved ones.  The veil is gone now, so people can always see their loved ones, not just at this time of year.  The Spanish celebrate the day of the dead.  The Christians call it All Saints Day. The Druids and pagan call it Samhain.  Most cultures celebrate this in one form or another. 

This is why I chose this time to have my Facebook Live conversations.  I hope you enjoy it! If you would like to work with me, please check out information on a channel:

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