I always enter a New Year with such hope and anticipation.  Sometimes all of that translates into a year of struggle and finding things out; sometimes it’s an easy flow throughout the year. What is this year going to be? How is it different from other years?

Feel free to watch the video I created which is partly me talking, partly channeled as I talk about the coming year. 

This video is a little different for several reasons.  First of all, I was totally exhausted and wiped out by the end of December.  Were you?  I am always very busy over the holidays; I have a Christmas Eve party and then a big family gathering on Christmas day.  All of that was the same this year so why was I exhausted??

NEW ENERGIES!  They are finally here in a big way and there was a massive download that took place during the end of December.  The Solstice on December 21st opened the door to a time of expansion in communication.  This expansion took place over the period of about 10 days.  During that time there was a solar eclipse.

How often are we walking through our days when suddenly we feel as if we hit a wall or everything is harder or sometimes even as if you find yourself standing in a new reality not knowing how you arrived.  This was me on about January 4th

The first teleconference of the new year brought with it this new wave of energy.  We are so much more so within the crystalline energies that our entire way of looking at the world is shifting.  I know there is unrest, but that is creating compassion. I know that there is a great deal of negativity; this gives people a choice of how to look at themselves and the world. 

The foundation for this year is about self-love, love for others and compassion. Whenever you look at the 5th dimension or higher, this is also the alignment of vibration.  As you can imagine, the lower vibrations do not want to let go of anything in any way!  I believe in some ways this creates al the drama that is playing out at this time.  When we are faced with crisis or drama, having the ability to center and calm is a key to living in this energy.  We can center through our breathing, our focus, opening the alignment to our divinity. 

What is your intention for this new year?  Where would you like to go?  I hope your first stop will be a place where you nurture yourself and let that be your key.

May this year be filled with love and light~~~